The River Adour de Lesponne

The river Adour de Lesponne runs down through the length of the vallee de Lesponne from its sources at Lac Blue and high in the mountains. It passes close to the holiday cottage and is available for trout fishing with the appropriate tourist fishing permit. From the garden of the holiday cottage it is common to see Little Dippers flying from rock to rock in the  river or skimming the water surface as they pass by. Yellow, Grey and Pied Wagtails are also common around the river.

The river Adour de Lesponne

Canoeing on the river in spring

Waterfall on the way to the Lac d"Ourrec
Winter view
As seen walking to Chiroulet from the cottage in winter

During the spring when the winter snow high in the mountains is melting, the river is used for white water canoeing. This can be organised from the mountain sports centre just 6 kilometres away but previous experience is necessary. They also organise a very large range of other sporting activities including white water rafting, paragliding, and guides for off piste skiing in winter.